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The enterprise has been deeply engaged in the whole industrial chain for several years to plan the layout

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To meet the needs of clean space construction in different industries, Soko inherits and carries forward the clean process aesthetics, innovates and develops, follows the industry-leading BIM Technology, and allows users to see the whole construction process in front of them through visual 3D models. Drive product innovation with design, and build a leading and benchmarking enterprise in the industry.

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SOC has gathered a group of experts engaged in the purification equipment industry for many years. The core management of the enterprise has 15 years of industry experience. Elite team, emphasis on R & D, dozens of patents. After years of deep cultivation, professionalism comes from concentration, and provides one-stop service for customers to efficiently solve cleaning problems.

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SOC purification project has high cost performance ratio, low energy consumption, high degree of automation, simple operation, mature system technology, compact structure and fully enclosed pipeline operation. SOC has comprehensive purification equipment and engineering operation ability, saving money and worry.

Environmental protection

SOC production management, selection of environmentally friendly materials, strict quality control process, strict quality control throughout the whole process from incoming materials, manufacturing to shipment. The company attaches importance to innovative R & D technology, constantly improves production process and introduces new materials. Let the green and environmental development concept guide the company to move forward.

Convenient maintenance

Think what customers want and worry about what customers need. Soko purifies everything from the perspective of customers, from research to implementation, to customize and produce appropriate equipment, improve product quality for customers, create intelligent products, and facilitate operation and maintenance. Provide customers with 7 * 24-hour hotline service, timely response, and provide lifelong technical consultation and service for equipment.

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SOC (Jiangsu) Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd.

    Soc (Jiangsu) Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the largest professional enterprises in the construction of clean room systems in China. Mainly engaged in the design, production, installation and commissioning of operating room purification systems, laboratory purification systems and clean room purification systems. In one. It has the relevant construction qualifications issued by the national construction department, and is also a member of the Clean Technology Branch of China Electronics Association and a member of China Credit Enterprise AAA. The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, ISO18001 occupational health and safety management system, GB50430 engineering construction and construction Enterprise quality management certification unit; has an experienced engineering technology research and development team, which integrates advanced clean room system purification design concepts from European and American countries; 

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SOC purification Information

We take you to know the news of the purification industry
What is the dust-free workshop level standard?
The number of particles with a particle size of less than 0.5 microns is controlled to less than 3,500 per cubic meter, which has reached the international dust-free standard A level. The dust-free standards currently used in chip-level production and processing have higher requirements for dust than Class A,
100,000-level purification workshop standard?
When doing sedimentation bacteria detection, there must be a special petri dish. Each petri dish is placed with specific nutrients and placed in the workshop for a period of time. According to the number of bacteria growing in the nutrients, the amount of sedimentation bacteria in the air can be calculated. quantity.
What is the disinfection of the purification workshop?
It is best to use an ozone generator in the purification workshop. O3 is an allotrope of oxygen O2. Ozone is gaseous at room temperature. When the concentration is low, it is colorless and has a grassy smell. It is more soluble in water and is currently known to be the strongest oxidizing agent. One of the oxidants is an internationally recognized green and environmentally friendly fungicide.
Medical device clean room construction
The site selection should be considered: the surrounding natural environment and sanitation conditions are good, at least there is no air or water pollution source, and it should be far away from traffic roads, freight yards, etc.
Features of GMP Biopharmaceutical Workshop
If there is a problem, it will produce a lot of pollutants. The purpose of GMP is to ensure the establishment of a scientific, no matter how good the amount management is, it is difficult to ensure the quality of the drug. Areas, timely repairs, only use air purification technology, technology, interlayer technology in the purification space workshop

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